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Forwarding Options

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Incoming calls on all virtual telephone numbers can be forwarded to the following destinations. You can always
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Protection of Privacy

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Are you dating online? Are you taking out ads? On any occasion where you are required to hand out your telephone number.
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For Business Virtual Numbers

fontaine feature-1By utilizing globalnumbers virtual telephone number solutions you can now extend your worldwide presence within just a few minutes
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Multi Channel Numbers

fontaine feature-1By utilizing globalnumbers virtual telephone number solutions you can now extend your worldwide presence within just a few minutes
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Welcome to AYT Management Network Get your virtual telephone number now

What is a virtual telephone number, you might ask? Well, simply a telephone number that is reachable from all over the world, just like any traditional number tied to your landline or mobile phone, but with the difference that you can choose to forward incoming calls to either Skype, Google Talk, a Voice-over-IP provider of your choice, a custom SIP destination or to any landline or mobile number worldwide




Virtual Phone System / PBX 

Voicemail and Blacklist

  • Easy to use voicemail to email with any of your local Sanaltelefon
  • Don’t be tied down- use our voicemail feature with any VOIP or forwarding option.
  • Create voicemail boxes for different departments and have them go to different email addresses
  • Create a blacklist of phone numbers to block from dialing your Sanaltelefon

Make Outgoing Calls with your FlyNumber

  • You can use your Sanaltelefon to make outgoing phone calls for a low per minute rate
  • Use our PBX to create s SIP account for outgoing calls
  • International phone calls anywhere, anytime, dial your local Sanaltelefon to access the dial tone
  • No more calling cards, cumbersome applications, special software or hardware to make outgoing calls

Call Menus

  • Create custom voice menus for your local phone number and explore the possibilities
  • Direct calls to different users, different forwarding destinations, voicemail
  • Get your company organized and sound more professional – get users to the right people quickly
  • Mix and match between Skype, Gtalk, VOIP / Asterisk or Regular Phone Number Forwarding Options

Ring and Hunt Groups

  • Forward phone calls made on your Sanaltelefon to different destinations and/or devices all at once.
  • You can also forward the phone calls to a different destination one after another
  • If all else fails you can have the call go into a voice menu, and/ or a custom voicemail box
  • You’ll have the ability to limit the duration of rings to any particular destination



Virtual phone numbers give your business a local presence in another country.

 What Clients say about us

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Getting the best and cheapest virtual number provider was difficult, but I finally found it. At AYT Management Network, you get the best and cheapest virtual phone numbers and call forwarding to your phone or device. I also manage my virtual phone numbers in my AYT Management Network account by changing the forwarding destination anytime i want. Keep up AYT Management Network!

Ndifor Ruth Fri Yaounde - Cameroon 06 Aug 2013, Fashion Designer

Best DID provider in the world. They provide the best virtual phone (telephone) numbers in many countries. Instant activation is available. You forward calls or make call forwarding to phones, Gtalk, VoIP etc... I must say AYT Management Network is the best virtual phone provider and best DID provider so far! Thanks

DID Providers SA South Africa , Buesiness Man


fontaine feature-1Now is your chance to save a lot of money when calling your family or friends abroad. International calls are usually quite...
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fontaine feature-1 these FREE forwarding options are included in the monthly number service fee. You can instantly change the forwarding destination
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fontaine feature-1We all know that when traveling abroad mobile phone roaming charges can be very high. Receiving and placing calls doesn't feel as 
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Buy Pay Options

fontaine feature-1Order Your Virtual Number. Choose Where to Forward incoming Calls and Receive Calls for Free or Very Cheap Skype..
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Buy virtual local phone numbers - DID numbers - VOIP numbers, Toll free 800 numbers, Virtual Fax numbers , Virtual SMS numbers or multi channel virtual phone numbers worldwide

with cheap international calls forwarding, FREE to SIP and Skype.

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